Making Fitness a Priority

Getting Started

How you get started is up to you, all that matters is that you do.  Come on in to Small Town Fitness to see what works best for you.  Purchase a membership and work out at your own pace, but know that you can always ask the staff if you have any questions or concerns.  Need more motivation?  Get a free fitness assessment and sign up for one on one or couples personal training, prices based on goals and needs.  And if you need more sense of community get involved in our fitness classes.  No matter the fitness level or knowledge everyone can benefit from Small Town Fitness.

At its core, Fitness is about combining movement, strength, and flexibility. It is about training your body to not simply be fit but to be adaptable in real world situations and activities. You'll notice there are very little machines used at Small Town Fitness. That is because in the real world physical challenges are more about applied physics and technique. Here, you learn how to adapt, react, and move to better train your body and increase your fitness level.

The Small Town Fitness Way